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GreenQuest Quest Diagnostics commitment with its surroundings.

The mission of Quest Diagnostics to be the undisputed leader in testing, information and diagnostic services, carries with it the recognition that environmental protection is an integral component of our business.

"GreenQuest" is our environmental management program that helps us to reduce our consumption of energy and other natural resources and create a healthier environment. Our interests as a company and our environmental protection can go hand in hand.

For future generations, we need to make wise decisions to protect the environment, today and tomorrow. Even small changes, such as turning off lights or reduce the volume of printed emails, can make a difference.

GreenQuest is already vital part of who we are and what will be our future.

Remarks by the President of the Company, Surya Mohapatra.


Internationally Quest Diagnostics has hundreds of projects in operation. In Mexico these are the programs that are held in our offices and facilities through support and selfless participation of our partners:


Since 2009 we acquire and use Styrofoam containers, particularly vessels, which were replaced by ceramic cups. With this action we consume annually more than 30,000 vessels, which otherwise would end up polluting our environment.


Since 2009 we have the policy of "paperless" (less paper) with which all employees involved in having a reduced paper consumption. This initiative saved annually an average of 40,000 sheets of bond paper.


This year we started a collection program used batteries or batteries, where all our employees, and even family and acquaintances involved collecting them instead of sending them away which is highly polluting. The company meets these batteries and take them to specialized warehouses. Only in the first month of operation more than 300 piles were gathered.

Paper recycling

All bond paper that was previously thrown in the regular trash, is now separated, accumulated and sent to specialized recycling centers. Our offices are generated and recycled annually about 150 kilos of paper.