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Pharmaceutical Companies

It is a modern concept in service of clinical analyzes, provides routine tests as highly specialized which are processed in one central, local or international laboratory. Our excellent, flexible and personalized service makes the difference so pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and research institutions requiring results with high quality standards we prefer.

Quest Diagnostics strives to be your partner, working together with their monitors, representatives, nurses and other staff related to its protocols for the sole purpose of delivering quick responses and prompt medical attention to their researchers.

Our staff has experience in the service and handling of tests in almost all Mexico so we can, through our experienced logistics team, ensure that your tests arrive in optimal conditions for processing.

Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials Mexico assures quality in all its protocols, innovation, speed, flexibility, competitive pricing, unsurpassed service, personalized attention and of course the benefits of working with the leader in the industry.

We are your best choice!

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