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Pharmaceutical Companies

At Quest Diagnostics we strive to be your ally, working as a team with your monitors, representatives, and other personnel-related to your protocols for the sole purpose of delivering quick responses and immediate attention to your investigating physicians.

Our clinical analysis service for pharmaceutical companies offers routine and highly specialized tests, which are processed in the same central, local or international laboratory that ensure quality, innovation, speed, flexibility in all their protocols, through our experienced logistics team, ensuring that your samples arrive in optimal conditions for your process.

Creating comprehensive solutions together.

Quest Diagnostics supports you in all phases of precision medicine, from assay development to commercial launch.

We share your commitment to offering innovation and diagnostic solutions that support each treatment strategy.

Specific diagnosis.

We have highly specific diagnostic tests and the ability to create custom panels to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Some of our tests:

• Hepatitis C RNA PCR
• hematic biometry
• Basic Lipids
• Kappa Lambda Light Chain
• Protein Electrophoresis
• Varicella-Zoster AC IgG
• Chorionic Gonadotropin Beta Fraction C
• IGF-1 somatomedin C
• General Urinalysis
• Thyroid Profiles
• Microglobulin
• Hepatitis C viral RNA Genotype
• Chromosome Hematological Analysis

We are your best option!

Let us work for you!

Any information we appreciate communicating:

Quest Diagnostics México, Pharmaceutical Services
• Mexico City: 55.4160.5555
• Interior of the Republic:  55.4160.5555
• International:  +52 55.4160.5555
• Email:

Where we will gladly provide advice, logistics service, and any other information in this regard.