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Best practices guide for national and international reference

Dear Customer:

Serve this to send a cordial greeting and to ask for your help and cooperation..

Quest Diagnostics, aware of the importance of providing a quality result, asks you please consider the following requerimentos to send samples for process:

  1. It is suggested to consult the information relating to the conditions and type of sample, either in its directory services with our CSC, Commercial Support Center in or if it has the Care360 system in the "Dictionary Search " the next:
    • The temperature of the sample should be adequate. Requisitioning score on the temperature at which you are sending your sample. Please inform the courier collects your samples.
    • The stability of the sample must be within the acceptable range.
    • The sample type should be adequate proof as requested (serum, urine, plasma, CSF, bone marrow).
    • Alternative specimen. Any kind of different from that for catalog or the "Dictionary Search" please consult our CSC option specimen.
    • Send optimal sample volumes for the process, as in the cases have to perform a check or repeat sample will not be enough to realize volume. Please mark the requisitioning the volume (amount) of sample sent.
    • In case of sending pediatric samples, CSC consult with the minimum volume required for the testing process, also with the corresponding label identifying the sample, note the name of the service representative who attended him and the acceptable volume.
    • If irreplaceable send samples, please identify the sample with the corresponding label.
    • The container or tube used must be correct according to the test request. For safety reasons, no glass tubes or jars for sending your samples are accepted. Frozen in glass tube or flask samples will be canceled.
  2. If you send more than 10 tubes, it is suggested to use a rack that provides Quest Diagnostics.
  3. Before submitting your samples, make sure the containers are tightly sealed to prevent leakage during shipping, and labeled to avoid confusion with the identification.
  4. Samples that do not meet shipping requirements or do not have complete information will stop for clarification with the customer. In these cases our CSC will contact you to request information.
  5. When you need to add and / or cancel a complete requisition or a study that is part of a requisition, please call our CSC, be sure to record the name and date of the person who took him to such cancellation. Please confirm in writing to email:, because the samples are in the process cannot be canceled.
  6. Customer will be notified promptly of any incident that present the sample to be received and reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department Sample (ACM).
  7. Consider an investigation of special tests that are not listed, could take 24 to 48 hours of searching.
  8. Provide your account number when requesting results, prices or materials. It is also important to keep the name of the representative who attended him.
  9. Ensure that patient data displayed on the tube label match the requisition data, or data that appear in the manifesto of Care360; in the case of manual requisitions please fill in capital letters, not handwritten, or abbreviations.
  10. It is mandatory to include the date of birth or age, gender and date and time of sampling the patient in the requisition sent, it is worth mentioning that the information given by you are of paramount importance in defining reference ranges the results.
  11. For studies that require (cytogenetics, paraffin blocks, etc.), please provide patient diagnosis, for sample processing and append the questionnaire when so requested.
  12. For any clarification related to the tracking of samples is important to have on hand the folio number provided by our service representatives.
  13. For samples processed at the Nichols Institute, or any other laboratory network in the US Quest Diagnostics, delivery times are calculated according to the days when the sample is processed by adding 16 to 24 hours shipping. The results of the samples are sent to other laboratories take longer, which can be confirmed by our CSC.
  14. If your account is charged spot is essential to attach the proof of deposit of the total study or studies to be performed to process them, otherwise we are not responsible for cancellation.
  15. It is important to have samples ready when the messenger is presented according to schedule. It is recommended to have a person for preparing and delivering them.
  16. For customers of the Interior of Mexico, which require sample collection by commercial courier; please contact us at (01-800-987-83-78) Option 3 to schedule your pickup.
  17. Moreover; is important to record the samples sent in our page in Sample Shipping Manifest option, or league, this with the intention to ensure arrival of the goods at our facility.
  18. In the case of the Federal District customers requiring sample collection, please ask to 4160.7777 Option 4. It is important to provide all information requested. Our service representatives, will provide folio number for tracking.

Our service representatives will provide you with the tracking number.

In advance thank you very much for your help.

This will allow us to timely comply with delivery times.

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