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Quest Diagnostics has an interesting past, which brings together in a single institution being the main precursor of modern clinical laboratory industry.

In 1967, Dr. Paul Brown started in New York, the industry Laboratory, with the founding of MetPath, Inc. His vision was to offer a new concept of quality, highly automated operations and clinical trials at low costs.

MetPath grew rapidly, becoming a leader in its field in New York.

Corning Inc., supplier of packaging high heat resistance of MetPath, the latter acquired in 1982, and since then the company continued its growth through further acquisitions:

1993 - Damon Laboratories,

1994 - Maryland Medical Laboratory, BIORAN, among the most important acquisitions of Corning Inc., is Nichols Institute, regarded as the model to follow among many health professionals.

Nichols Institute was founded in 1971 in San Juan Capistrano Ca., by Dr. Albert Nichols, associated with endocrinologists and internists colleagues.

Nichols Institute had since the mission to identify new endocrine tests which specific hormone levels are detected. Over the years Nichols Institute has contributed to the world, knowledge of diagnostic testing, information and services, and has played a very important role among the scientific and medical communities regarding academic research.

1995 - MetPath changed its name to Corning Clinical Laboratory.

On December 31, 1996, Corning distributed among its members all outstanding shares of the business of clinical laboratories, Quest Diagnostics emerging in 1997 as an independent company, leaving to head Mr. Ken Freeman.

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated and its subsidiaries are collectively referred to as Quest Diagnostics

or "the Company."

Since its founding in 1967, the business of clinical analysis "the Company" has grown into a network of 40 regional laboratories across the United States, and esoteric testing laboratory research and development (Nichols). In addition, "the Company" has branches in several smaller laboratories, including one in Mexico City, and about 150 laboratories and 1,400 rapid response Patient Service Centers.

During 1997, "the company" decided to eliminate several of its laboratories and the distribution of their analysis to other laboratories.

SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratory (SBCL)

SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories, a unit of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Smith Kline Beecham, started in the industry clinical trials in 1969, through the acquisition of 4 independent laboratories: Leary Laboratory in Boston, the Biskind Laboratory in San Francisco, the Goforth Laboratory in Dallas, and Patterson and Coleman Laboratory in Tampa. During the next 19 years the laboratory continued to grow steadily through the acquisition of other laboratories in the United States.

In 1981, he acquired SBCL Laboratory Procedures Upjohn Inc., and in 1985 bought Amerinan Bio-Science Laboratories in Van Nuys, California. In 1988, SBCL acquired one of its biggest competitors: International Clinical Laboratories Inc. (ICL). With this acquisition, it grew in size and importantly this laboratory, establishing SmithKline Bio-Science Laboratories as a leading laboratory.

In 1995, SBCL opened a Center for Genetic Testing in Van Nuys, Ca .; She extended its services to include genetic testing molecular diagnostic tests in diseases of genetic type.

In 1996, SBCL made a joint venture with the South Medical Hospital in Mexico City. The following year, SBCL opened a branch in Midlesex, UK, first private laboratory approved by the National Health Service of the country to develop laboratory tests outside of a hospital.

In July 1999, SBCL completed the sale of its business to Quest Diagnostics laboratories, thus becoming the largest and most important partner in the US, and achieving introduction of Quest Diagnostics in the UK.

In February 2002, Quest Diagnostics acquired American Medical Laboratories Inc., (AML), which is a national provider of esoteric hospitals and medical specialists tests. It is a leading provider of diagnostic testing services 51 Patient Service Centers in Nevada and Washignton. AML, was founded in 1959, has approximately three thousand employees. Through benchmark testing it is related to nearly 500 hospitals, 150 clinical laboratories and doctors' offices 7000. It has two full-service laboratories: in Chantilly, Virginia and Vegas, Nevada. Reference service in Virginia, complements our reference laboratory Nichols Institute in the western part of the United States.

Finally, in February 2003, Quest Diagnostics concluded with the acquisition of Unilab Corporation, a leading provider of diagnostic testing in California. With this purchase, are added to Quest Diagnostics 3 labs in California, 386 Patient Service Centers and 39 laboratories rapid response.

In the early 70's Dr. Gonzalez Teran ill and he died in November 1972, when it was deciding the sale Laboratory Damon Laboratories, which culminated in the year 1973.

The presence of Quest Diagnostics in Mexico, explained through the purchase in 1973 of "Laboratories Frontier" by Damon Laboratories and turn this company is bought by Corning Inc. in 1993.

In 1998, Quest Diagnostics Mexico, was accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

We currently have a presence in:

• CDMX and Metropolitan Area: 29 Patient Care Centers (PSCs), as well as a Central Laboratory and administrative offices located in the WTC Mexico City.

• Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua: 11 PSCs and a Central Laboratory dedicated to routine tests and profiles for drug abuse.

• Tijuana: 3 PSCs.

• León Guanajuato: 4 PSCs and a Central Laboratory.

Likewise, we have Reference Services, (hospitals and laboratories), and Pharmaceutical Services.